Sussex 6th graders raise money for #IRd4Tanner

Thank you! thank you! thank you parents!

Tanner’s mom Kathy came to the kids lunch today and was completely blown away! She brought IRD4TannerĀ  t-shirts for all of the kids and tried to make a connection with everyone.

So much effort was made by Terry Miller organizing all the food, parents and bringing fun festive extras like green st pattys day beads, Shamrock hats, balloons an amazing sign.
Also Leslie, Charlie, and Allie worked hard in both kitchens! Whoop whoop!

Awesome food guys, you really went all out with a great spread. Thank you so much for cooking up sauces at home baking cookies bringing in all the plates and extra sides that we needed.

Sounds like we sold at least 70 lunches!
Over $300 for the bike park!

Kids were awesome working the cook line, taking money, cleaning, organizing and spreading bike park information.

They gave an awesome presentation during samling about the bike park to the entire School.

If you haven’t already, please take a second to click on this link and comment on the Parks and Rec page.

#31 is the bike park and if we get this grant then the kids will possibly be able to build the bike part this spring.

Don’t forget your dishes in the Zapata kitchen. Sussex will devour them if you don’t take them home.

High five!!!!

Love Jenjen

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